Friends Fatima Center VZW

Friends Fatima Center VZW is a Belgian organization that supports five projects in Thailand. These projects focus on the reintegration of girls and young women in the local society after they have fallen victim to the excesses of the tourism industry and human trafficking in the Far East. All projects are led by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd and focus on vocational training, social and civic skills and health care.

There are also craft workshops attached to these projects. The quality products that they make there are offered in our webshop. This shop is in full development and the number of products is complemented every week.


Depending on the location, the approach is different, the main task is the same everywhere: to give women a future again and this by:
- Medical and psychological counseling by professionals
- General education ( sexual education, contraception, women's rights and rights of children , healthy food , sustainable agriculture ... )
- Specific education ( language courses , job training, earning a high school diploma with progression to higher education )
- Assistance in all steps towards independence.
- Respect for the personality distinct from cultural and religious background .
The projects are:
1. Fatima Self Help Center in Bangkok is a shelter for pregnant outcast and refugee girls. After medical and psychological counseling there is a process in which mother and child are accomoadted and there is room for training . Also women and children from nearby slums are benefiting from the care, education and job opportunities in the workshop.
2. The newly established Wildflower Centre in Chiang Mai is working with the same target audience as the Fatima Center but specifically with girls from the region. In that way one can also make contact with the family and fellow villagers of the girls which makes reintegration in their own community possible. There is no chance that they end up with pimps back in Bangkok.
3. The Regina Centre in Nongkhai in very poor Isaan province, gives women an education so they do not succumb to the lure of the big city. It's important here that there's work in their own region and there's the possibility of home work for women. The sewing workshop, as well as small agricultural projects such as the koebank, the mushroom farm, fish pond and fruitgardening help a lot of single women to give a basic income.
4. The Good Life Center in Chiang Rai is situated in the North where the mountain tribes live. They are a separate ethnic group, regardless of national borders. Here is a boarding school for 80 girls who couldn't attend primary school or couldn't attend primary school regularly. Here they can be prepped to take their state exam. After this diploma they can follow further general education here also. There is a lot of contact with the families so that the general education that the girls are certainly benefits the entire community. As long as families are illegal, there is no possibility to obtain a recognized diploma. Much energy goes into obtaining residence permits for students.
5. The Fountain of Life Woman project in Pattaya works with women involved in the sex industry. They can come here for a chat, get help with practical problems and have the ability to follow a training and assistance on a new approach to their future.